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Block Ambassador Program

Bringing community back to the neighborhood one Block at a time!

Block Ambassadors work in partnership with Connected Communities to cultivate a safe, vibrant community where neighbors feel empowered to share their voices. Neighbors depend on people like you to build community, relationships, and solutions.

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The Block Ambassador program provides:


Learn about community resources and various topics such as tenants’ rights, zoning, etc.

Relationship Building

Get to know your neighbors and build community

Community Joy

Bring back that neighborhood feel with positivity and fun events

Block Clubs of 2024




Warfield Square

Bay St.

(near Goodman)

Grand Ave

(near Culver)

Meet The Block Ambassadors

The Highland District Council

A Block Club is a group of neighbors committed to “knowing one another in order to socialize, address common concerns, promote communication, and improve block safety.”

2023 Block Club Victories


  • The streets are looking brighter! The Parsells Block Club noticed that the streets of Parsells looked a bit dark. They contacted the City of Rochester to have the trees cut back so that the street could be lighter at night and improve the safety of the residents.

  • Boarding Up Problematic Home- Next to New City was a property filled with squatters and drug activity. The Parsells Block Club took action to get the home boarded up to reduce illegal activity and work with the city council to hold the property owner accountable.

  • Enhance Street Beautification- The Parsells Block Club, in collaboration with Monroe County Blocks in Bloom, helped make the corner of Parsells & Greeley a bit more pretty by planting beautiful flowers and cleaning up debris.

  • Spreading Community Joy- The Parsells Block Club hosted a community Open Mic night event where various artist and poets can share their talents.


  • Foster Neighborly Relationships- Many residents living on Copeland St. have lived there for over 20 years. The block club played fun get-to-know-you games to welcome new residents and shared fun recipes.

  • Heat Smart Funding $$$- Residents on Copeland St did not know they were geographically eligible to receive a home improvement grant for a weatherization project to enhance clean heating and cooling in their homes. Seven residents on Copeland St. were able to take advantage of this incredible funding opportunity that will save them money on their heating bills and add value to their homes.

  • Sharing Resources- Residents were able to share resources and build connections with the Neighborhood Service Center to address community concerns.

Warfield Square

  • Warfield United Tenants’ Rights- The Warfield Square Block Captain galvanized residents in an organized Tenants’ Rights union to share their concerns with property effectively to reach management. In collaboration with the Rochester Tenants Rights Association, this club formally drafted a list of concerns presented to city officials and RPD.

  • Spread Community Joy- Bringing back a sense of community pride was important for residents. This block club worked to enhance community joy by engaging in pizza parties, game nights, and fun line-dancing clubs.

  • Increase Accountability- Through the work of Warfield United, the property management company has been more transparent in community meetings and has included resident suggestions in their improvement plan.


  • Foster Neighborly Relationships- Many residents on Greeley and neighboring streets are familiar with one another's faces, but never felt comfortable enough to form relationships. They are now getting to know each other and intentionally looking out for one another.

  • Faith Walks & Peer Support- Residents have formed a prayer group text to share prayer points and coordinate times to walk together to pray for the area, residents, and properties.

  • Community Partner Connections- Amid an extremely violet summer, the Greeley St Block Club took action by engaging in anti-violence efforts by writing letters to their councilwoman and meetings with Rise Up (an anti-violence organization) to get a better understanding of gang-related violence on their street and learn ways to protect themselves.

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