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Connected Communities invites you to join our mission in EMMA and Beechwood. We're dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty through antiracist community revitalization and equitable resource coordination. As a community-driven organization, we place resident voices at the forefront of our work. Be part of meaningful change and apply to join our team today!

Career Opportunities

Resident Ambassador

The Resident Ambassador (RA) Program is designed for Beechwood and EMMA (East Main Mustard Atlantic) residents who are passionate about leading change, are invested in this community, seek personal and professional development, and have lived experience of urban settings. Resident Ambassadors will expand the capacity of Connected Communities as part-time staff working in the four pillars of holistic community revitalization: health and wellness, economic development, housing, and education. Resident Ambassadors will work in the Beechwood and EMMA communities and serve as advocates for their neighborhood. Resident Ambassadors will work closely with full-time staff to capture neighborhood feedback and to implement recommendations in the Comprehensive Neighborhood Plan (

To Become a Resident Ambassador an individual must reside in the EMMA or Beechwood neighborhood with the intent to remain a resident, and be at least 18 years of age. 

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