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Mixed-Income Housing

Quality housing is essential for the stability of the neighborhood. It helps to ensure that Beechwood and EMMA remain places where new residents have good options and can age in place. All residents should have access to safe and quality housing options; this includes a mix of newly built and rehabbed affordable housing, home improvement opportunities, and housing-related support for both homeowners and renters.

Goals of this pillar


Work with partners to reactivate vacant lots, rehabilitate vacant homes, and renovate existing homes to increase housing choice, improve housing quality, and stabilize blocks.


Make EMMA and Beechwood neighborhoods where residents can age in place, remaining an intergenerational community that is safe and welcoming for all ages.


We must commit to development without displacement. New development should improve the quality of life of current residents, encouraging them to stay in the community.


Provide a balance between growth and preservation. It is important to hold on to the culture and community that characterize the neighborhoods today while still thinking big and taking bold action.

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Housing Demographics

Connected Communities supports residents of both Beechwood and EMMA, encompassing renters, homeowners, and landlords, each with distinct needs and resource requirements. No single group holds precedence over the others. Given the diverse demographics within the Beechwood and EMMA neighborhoods, Connected Communities provides support to all individuals mentioned above.

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Renters, the vibrant backbone of our communities, possess a diverse range of needs that shape the fabric of our neighborhoods. From seeking stability and security to fostering a sense of belonging, renters play a pivotal role in creating thriving environments where everyone can flourish. Their voices echo the aspirations and dreams that drive progress and innovation. By recognizing and addressing the needs of renters, we empower individuals to shape their living spaces, fostering a collective journey towards inclusivity and prosperity.


Homeowners, the guardians of our communities, have various needs that shape our neighborhoods positively. They seek stability and prosperity, contributing to the resilience and ambition of our shared spaces. By acknowledging and meeting homeowners' needs, we empower them to create spaces that reflect their values, fostering a legacy of strength and empowerment for the future.

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Landlords, the guardians of housing opportunities, encompass a spectrum of needs vital to the health of rental communities. Anchored in the pursuit of sustainable investments and vibrant neighborhoods, landlords serve as stewards of housing accessibility and stability. Their commitment fuels the availability of safe and inclusive homes, nurturing a sense of security and belonging for tenants. By acknowledging and championing the needs of responsible landlords, we empower them to maintain their crucial role in offering quality housing options, thereby enriching the collective welfare of our society.

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