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East High School

Aerial view of East EPO

East High currently has two separate schools for its students, each with staggering start times. Their Lower School is for students in grades 6-8, and their Upper School is for students in grades 9-12. There is a separate academy for their 9th-grade students in the Upper School known as the Freshman Academy.

In May 2014, the New York State Education Department granted the University of Rochester's request to take over management of East High School. Beginning in the 2015-2016 school year, the university implemented a plan in its efforts to "increase learning opportunities" for students. Shaun Nelms led the partnership as Superintendent until June 2023. In July 2023, Marlene Blocker, the former Upper School principal, took over the position of Superintendent of the Educational Partnership. 

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Lower School

The Lower School, formerly known as the Foundation Academy, is for students in grades 6-8. Their current principal is Leandrew Wingo. In the Lower School, the students have their own place within the East High building, creating a small school atmosphere. The Lower School currently has around 350 students, small classes in core subjects, and a focus on college and career readiness and lifelong success.  

Freshman Academy

The 9th graders in the Upper School have their own wing of the building, with extra support, extended time for math and literacy, and opportunities to complete four or more high school credits. The 9th graders also have their own Family Groups, 2 counselors, 2 social workers, and alternative programs for scholars not on track after the 9th grade. The current director for the Freshman Academy is Deon Rodgers.


Upper School

The Upper School is for students in grades 10-12. Their current principal is Edward Mascadri. The school offers a full range of classes leading up to the Regents diploma, including career and technical pathways as well as AP and early-college classes. Some of these career and technical pathways include Culinary Arts, Information Technology, Advanced Manufacturing, Teaching, Business, and Health Related Careers. 

History of East High School

The original East High School opened in 1902 on 410 Alexander St, and was designed by Rochester architect J. Foster Warner

East High School is a public high school serving sixth through twelfth grade in Rochester, N.Y, and is part of the Rochester City School District. In 2014, East joined a partnership with the University of Rochester as the school's Educational Partnership Organization (EPO). The original East High School opened in 1902 on 410 Alexander St, and was designed by noted Rochester architect J. Foster Warner. The school was later moved in 1959 to its current location, 1801 East Main Street. Since 2002, changes have occurred, including the re-addition of a junior high and the splitting of the school into separate academies.

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