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Economic Empowerment

Black & brown business owners
Black & brown business owners

The Pillar

Economic empowerment is essential for breaking the cycle of poverty and building wealth in black and brown communities. When we focus on this, residents and business owners are provided the tools and opportunities to control and improve their financial situation. We achieve this through training, resources, and connections that help residents start or grow their businesses, find better jobs, and make informed financial decisions. It also includes supporting businesses in our neighborhoods that align with community goals and ensure the EMMA and Beechwood neighborhoods receive the government and private investments we need and deserve.

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Economic Empowerment Goals


Community members should have access to local resources that help residents improve their financial health, build wealth, and develop the skills and connections needed to succeed in the workforce.


The commercial corridors in EMMA and Beechwood should support local entrepreneurs’ efforts to start businesses and succeed.


The community should be home to more and better businesses that both serve local residents and draw in new people.

Resident Priorities

  • Shared workspaces

  • Partnerships for business success

  • Wealth building

  • Support for existing community businesses

  • Support for emerging entrepreneurs

  • Local hiring and opportunities for youth

  • East Main Street and North Goodman commercial corridors

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