Breaking the cycle of poverty and revitalizing the EMMA and Beechwood neighborhoods in Rochester, NY.

We are proud to present our video of the 33 School to East High School educational pathway. With a common culture and curriculum between the two schools, it's a great opportunity for neighborhood-based schooling that uses a holistic approach. We encourage parents of 33 School and/or neighborhood children to see what East has to offer today!


The EMMA (East Main, Mustard & Atlantic Avenue) neighborhood is on the south side of East Main Street between Goodman and Culver Roads. Its once-thriving commercial area, the original home of French's Mustard and Beechnut, holds potential for redevelopment and job creation. With a population of approximately 800 residents in 325 households, EMMA is a diverse community of individuals and families who are passionate about the neighborhood they call home.



Beechwood, named for the trees lining the neighborhood's streets, attracts residents from all walks of life who are eager to become part of a strong community. Approximately 7,500 residents in 2,300 households -- ardent advocates for city living -- are neighbors to a wide mix of commercial and retail activity. Beechwood is home to the John James Audubon School #33, the Ryan Recreation Center and Sully Library,

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Our Core Pillars

Connected Communities is a non-profit public/private collaboration of neighborhood, business, government and non-profit leaders partnering with residents to address the various needs of the EMMA and Beechwood communities through the implementation of a holistic approach. We are utilizing the proven principles of the Purpose Built Communities framework to address the need for mixed-income housing, cradle-to-career education, community health and wellness, and long-term economic development, and ultimately reduce poverty.

Connected Communities is aiming to be true to the vision of the EMMA and Beechwood residents, by engaging them in collaborative actions that seek to achieve their vision of a thriving neighborhood.



Mixed-Income Housing

Provide access to quality, mixed-income housing (which includes affordable housing), home improvement opportunities, and supports for both homeowners and renters in our community.


Cradle-to-career education

Create a strong and transformational neighborhood-based educational pipeline for the youth in our community, starting from early childhood and extending beyond high school to ensure readiness for college and/or rewarding career opportunities.


Community Health & Wellness

Work together with neighborhood residents, service providers, faith leaders, local government and other non-profits to improve overall community health and fill any existing gaps in resources, including access to medical care, nutritious foods, and other programs and services that promote wellness and enhance quality of life.


Workforce & economic development

Connect neighborhood residents to jobs skills training and employment opportunities through public/private partnerships that would help increase overall household incomes, while also working to bring new social investors into the community.


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