Meet Home Leasing’s Community Leader Laquanda Fields

Laquanda Fields (left) with Mayor Lovely Warren at the Warfield Square Ribbon Cutting Celebration.

Laquanda Fields (left) with Mayor Lovely Warren at the Warfield Square Ribbon Cutting Celebration.

We caught up with Warfield Square’s Community Leader Laquanda Fields. Check out what motivates her and how she works hard for Warfield residents every day!*

Connected Communities: Can you introduce yourself?

Laquanda Fields: I’m Laquanda M. Fields, Community Leader at Warfield Square. I am a Rochester native, and mother to Jaela, 12 and Samariyah, 10. I am a Brockport graduate (go green and gold!) and I have a degree in Public Relations. I love our city and my favorite pastime is exploring neighborhoods to look at houses. (Hello, Landmark Society House Tours!)

CC: How would you describe your position as a Community Leader?

LF: Traditionally called Property Manager, a Community Leader is unique to Home Leasing because we’re a unique company. The best (and most important) part of my job is making a home for our residents. I am building a community within, and then connecting residents with the outside community.

CC: Why did you choose to work for Home Leasing?

LF: My first experience with Home Leasing was from a resident’s perspective. My family and I were among the first to move in at Charlotte Square. Susan Lenzo was our Community Leader, and I remember being so impressed with how much she cared about my family. She introduced me to the idea of working for Home Leasing and that sparked my interest. I met with Nelson Leenhouts, Home Leasing’s CEO. The first question he asked me was, “What are your goals/aspirations and how can we help you get there?” I was blown away and knew immediately that Home Leasing is where I was meant to be. Here I am, almost one year laterand I still love my job and the company that I work for. Nelson never misses an opportunity to tell me how proud he is of me and my communities.

CC: What makes Warfield Square special to you?

LF: Warfield Square is my baby. I am responsible for its growth and success. I think it’s special because we’re offering residents something that other housing communities do not: community, resources, stability, hope, and love. I want Warfield Square to be the stability that a family needs in order to achieve economic success. That looks different for everyone, but what I hope we can do for families is remove any barriers that prevent them from being self-sufficient.  

CC: How do you want the larger EMMA and Beechwood neighborhoods to see Warfield Square? What do you want that relationship to look like?

LF: I would like the surrounding neighborhoods to look at Warfield Square as a resource hub. It would be great to collaborate on community events and celebrations. I would like our EMMA and Beechwood neighbors to think of the Warfield residents as their neighbors.  

*This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.