Why do we support Neighborhood Schools?

Neighborhood schools are a huge priority for Connected Communities. This is a neighborhood-based student enrollment strategy that guarantees students who live in a defined neighborhood the right to attend that school if they so choose. This strategy does not impact parents' rights to choose their children's schools under the Managed Choice Policy. Neighborhood schools are a resource, not a limitation.

One important reason to use this model is to give parents of school-age children a better chance to communicate with their kids' schools. Instead of trying to travel across the city to get to a parent-teacher conference, parents are a few minutes' walk away from connecting to their kids' educational experiences.

Connected Communities is working to make this plan happen by establishing a feeder pattern between School #33 and East High School (see graphic below). The advantage of this is the creation of common culture, curriculum, and expectations between these two schools. This means that a student who completes 5th grade at 33 will be 6th grade ready at East. Teachers don't have to play catch up and guess what a student knows. Instead, they communicate across grades to create long-term educational plans to help our kids succeed.

Educational Pathway Picture.png